Course “LIVE”

The course of interactive lessons “LIVE” is aimed at preventing negative phenomena in young people (tobacco use, alcoholism, drug addiction, violence, asocial behavior …) and the development of their personality (career choice, financial management, time management …). The course is designed for senior students from secondary schools and students of higher education.

Course goal:  give challenge young people: change their lives.
Vision of the course: young people who live fully.

Duration of 15 interactive classes for 45 minutes:
1. «LIVE FREE: no smoking»;
2. «LIVE FREE: no drugs»;
3. «LIVE FREE: live without bar code» (Human Trafficking);
4. «LIVE SOBER: no alcohol»;
5. «LIFE INDEPENDENT: GEEK» (computer addiction);
8. «LIVE RESPONSIBLE: finances»;
9. «LIVE RESPONSIBLE: no bribery!»;
10. «LIVE RESPONSIBLE: no violence!»;
11. «LIVE RESPONSIBLE: time management»;
13. «LIVE DEVELOPING: develop your potential»;
14. «LIVE » (suicide);
15. «LIVE BY COMMUNITY: friendship».