Since 2007, Oleksandr Onyshchuk and Ferents Milo have implemented a project of preventive measures (interactive lessons about harmful habits and safe behavior) in Uzhhorod educational institutions. In 2014 they decided to hold a sporting event in order to motivate the younger generation to lead a healthy lifestyle. They didn`t want to create a sports club, or something like that, just to have a one-time sporting event. They chose the floorball, because it’s something new and schoolchildren may like it. They knew about the floorball for a long time, the inventory was given to them by their friend Volodymyr Vitruk, they used it for events in the city and camps.


The sporting event was appointed on April 9, 2014 in the Middle School of Uzhgorod №6 named after Grendzi Donskoy. This school was chosen because she gladly responded to this proposal. They invited schoolchildren to this event. But a very unexpected thing happened, only 3 pupils came to this action (Vladislav Romanenko, Rostislav Shapochka, Stanislav Blanar). And it would seem that this was a failure, but these schoolchildren were so enthralled by what happened that, they asked for one more similar event… that’s how the floorball training began.

There were a lot of those who came and walked away. However, there were those who remained and they themselves are adding desire to move on.

In March 2015, Oleksandr Onyshchuk and Ferents Milo took part in a training session for trainers organized by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in association with the Christian Football League “EDGE”.


The team go for its first games on May 23, 2015, in Lviv. The team (Ferenc Milo, Vladislav Romanenko, Rostislav Shapochka, Stanislav Blanar and Oleksandr Matolyak) to take parcificate of tour of Christian League “EDGE”, where they played against the experienced teams in the team “Comet” (Volyn region).

In the spring of 2015, Ferents Milo, Alexander Onyshchuk and Alexander Matolyak began to look for ways to fill the team with the players. One of the methods has chosen the presentation of the floorball at the physical education classes in schools, so in April they have spent presentations at secondary school №2 and secondary school №12.


At October 2, 2015, four other players (Oleksandr Migovich, Evhen Chasovsky, Vasyl Lyutyansky and Vladislav Plakosh) joined the existing team (Ferents Milo, Alexander Onyshchuk, Oleksandr Matolyak, Vladislav Romanenko, Rostyslav Shapochka, Stanislav Blanar, Alexander Halyshych). From that moment a new phase of team development has begun.

In October of that year, the team was named “Alfa”. The name was chosen by voting, most voted for this option. One of the team members, Alexander Halyshych, has developed a logo for the team.

In December 2015, Ferents Milo and Rostislav Shapochka took part in the courses of the Ukraine Floorball Academy in the direction “Coach. 1 level”.


In December of the same year, the coach and players of club “Skif” (Novy Razdil) arrived at the invitation of the “Alfa” team. They conduct training for team players..


On December 26, 2015, the team “Alfa” go to the first competition in a full-fledged team. It was an amateur tournament in the city of Mukachevo. And the first participation ended in victory.

In December of the same year, a decision was made to create community organization “Floorball club “Alfa”.

In February 2016 Tamuz Hidir arrived at the club’s invitation, who held a master class for players.

At March 16, 2016 was been the first floorball tournament of Transcarpathian region in Mukachevo city, where FlC “Alfa” won.

On this, story of the club is not over, it continues, and from time to time here will be updated.

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