Master classes

Historically, the master class is an event where a skilled worker, for example, an artist or conductor, performed a rehearsal of an orchestra, but in the presence of other musicians. By gradually revealing the audience’s own vision of music, the author deliberately shared the secrets of his skill. His own vision of a musical composition gradually became the vision of all present! And it was then that the audience became a co-author of the birth of a musical work: a process where the interaction of the conductor and the audience became decisive. Upon completion of such a master class, the receptions of the Maestro became receptions and his students, the secrets of the master’s creativity – became the secrets of achievements and his followers!

The master class is a kind of voluntary transfer of knowledge, principles and experience! Own experience – the most expensive thing Master can pass!

Our members of the club are able to take part in master classes from experienced Ukrainian and foreign players, coaches, referees.