Let’s try to understand why we need membership in the club?

          Club is a community of people who are united on the similarity interests. In club, each member can realize its potential, its talents in floorball. Thanks to the club, club players can play, coaches – train, referee – judge, managers – manage, designers – create, etc. But in order for this community to effectively exist, it is necessary to determine the precise rules on which it will “live”, the Statute of the club. And who is ready to take responsibility for creating the club we giving them status of member of the club. That’s why we have a fixed membership in the club: to know who is ready to take responsibility for creating the club, as well as exercise their rights in the context of the club, enjoy all the benefits of the club.

What do you need to become a member of floorball club «Alfa»?

1) be over 14 years old;
2) take an active part in the life of the club;
3) read Statute of the club, and fully agree with it;
4) submit the necessary documents:
          a) request letter;
          b) complete the questionnaire;
          c) copy of the ID-card;
          d) one photo (size 3х4cm).