Mountain Trip

Now, in most people, the time spent sitting in position prevails over what is allocated for physical activity. Without activity any body is weak, sick and because of that again lying in front of the screen, “recovering”. That is why we offer our participants mountain trip, because of this they:

1. Restored. In the campaign participants will have to move a lot and carry a certain weight. This is a great workout of muscles and breathing. At the same time, the eyes, which are in constant tension from the surrounding screens in civilization, will rest. Plus, fresh mountain air.

2. Develop. Physical stability, workout balance, patience, endurance, daily organization of life, navigation, decision-making, planning – this is not all that helps to develop the mountains.

3. Relax. The mountains provide an endless amount of breathtaking views. Round the clock After a hike in thoughts, the most beautiful sunset, dawn, clouds under your feet, dense fogs, adjacent ridges and mountain valleys stays for a long time. Berries, herbal tea, a relief after the dropping of a backpack. Impressions of the hike you will be inspirational in the city for a long time, and share photos and stories with your friends.