The development strategy is an integral part of any organization, because it is thanks to it that we can:
1. Know where we are going, because there are clear goals set.
2. To involve all the sacraments in the club to move to a clear result.
3. Correctly direct the resources of the club and distribute responsibilities.
4. Assess our progress or regress.
5. Not to be divided into trifles.


150 active players;
10 teams of 15 people in each;
20 coaches (2 coaches per team);
♦ In the state of the club: an accountant, a clerk, a lawyer, a doctor, a revision commission;
The formed parent committee, which helps to solve the problems of the club and actively participates in its development;
♦ Referee team;
10 partners providing regular sponsorship and players have individual sponsors;
Regular participation in the championship of Ukraine;
Permanent participation in foreign tournaments;
Champions of Ukraine on the floorball;
♦ Club Fund, which will serve as a source of funding for players in the national team of Ukraine;
Floorball is taught at a physical education school;
♦ Availability of office;
Ownership of the club: boards, several gates, form;
Functional school floorball league;
Functional regular tournament in Uzhgorod.