The structure of club is based on the equality of all members of the club, self-government, legality, openness, active participation of all members of the club.


The highest governing body of club is the General Meeting. It includes all members of club. The general meeting is competent to solve any questions, they are the ones who manage everything in the club.

The general meeting votes for members of Club Board and for President of Club. A member of the Club Board and President of Club may be only a member of the club.

Board of club, for effective work, divides sectorally all activities of club and organizes Committees of club (for example, the Coaching Committee, the Media Committee…).

In case of need, Board of Club may employ staff, who will perform the work required for the club.

In parallel with the Board of Club, General Meeting elects a Control and Revision Commission from among the club members, who are not members of the club’s board. The CRC carries out a supervisory function, carries out financial control over activities of Club Board, verifies the financial and economic activities of Club. CRC is subject only to the General Meeting and may engage external auditors.